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  1. Jaga, Christopher, Thank you, migration was very easy indeed, StableBit software picked pools up without any issues, these pools must have all required metadata inside I believe.
  2. Jaga, Thank you mate! That's incredible detailed procedure I'm going to use next week when parts arrive and I set up new box. Will post result. Thanks again!
  3. Jaga, thank you for your answer! It's useful but I don't want to reuse old HDDs, new box will have completely new discs and I want to copy data over network.
  4. Hi guys, I'm using StableBit bundle for a long time (still happy:), but I'm ready to setup new more powerful storage box. Is there any procedure for smooth migration from old box to a new one? Problem is I can't use Stablebit license simultaneously on both boxes during migration, I believe I'm not the first person decided to upgrade hardware so probably there is workaround? Thank you reading this.
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