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What is the best supported OS


I'm rebuilding the servers soon and gonna split my current bare-metal into 2, where one of them is dedicated fully to DP, Scanner and perhaps SnapRAID. Nothing else beyond sharing the pool to other computers and servers on the network. What is the very best supported OS for DrivePool?

I'm thinking:
2012 R2 for tested and polished support. Clean, simple, runs on the very stable 8.1 kernel before 10 was its own thing.
2016 for general OS improvements overall. Sceptical as it shouldn't be more stable than 10, and I have practically no OEM drivers for it.
10 Pro/Ent for best hardware OEM support as I'm using largely consumer parts, with GPO adjusted WU, AV and FW. (Doing this currently, but had a recent crash, so sceptical to solid 10 support). Before this I ran 2012 R2 for 3 years without a hitch. The reason I'm running 10 now is to take full advantage of AMD Vega 11 drivers, which won't be necessary anymore.

My VM testings in HV (VMResourceMetering) also indicates that 2012 R2 has barely any IOPS activity more than Hyper-V Server has, while 2016 has a bunch. Even more than CentOS while Debian falls inbetween. Based on just 4-8 hours clean installs though, and won't matter too much as the system will be on its own dedicated SSD backup up by Veeam. Gotta say, I'm leaning towards 2012 R2 a little... Input welcome.

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