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Big Veeam files


From Veeam docs:


Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows re-builds the full backup file to include in it data of the incremental backup file that follows the full backup file. To do this, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows injects into the full backup file data blocks from the earliest incremental backup file in the chain. This way, a full backup ‘moves’ forward in the backup chain.

I wonder, if I aim Veeam to CD, if it would re-upload the entire VBK file to cloud (all 960GB of it) under the hood, or just the changed blocks. I'm considering offsite backup of my local backups and not sure what path to take. Not sure if rclone does this or not, gotta find a solution that won't re-upload the entire file "just" because of 1-2GB change.

Perhaps a tall order, but I'm thinking CD may work here due to the abstraction its FS layer offers through its chunks of data, GSuite won't see the big files. Just like to confirm it first if Alex or Christopher or anyone else who knows could provide som input. 

Also, what upload cache challenges may I run into here - if any - when uploading 1TB+ files? As well as download cache when retrieving.


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12 minutes ago, 6288_1510037533 said:

Did you ever try this? My experience is that Veeam for Windows does a poor job of keeping the blocks aligned in the full backup file. So you end up uploading a lot more data than what the actual change rate was due to data in the full file being shifted around.

Yeah. It seemed to accumulate a little more data than it should over time but not much, but worked without errors and did test recovery OK too. I ran it for a few months.

EDIT: oops I thought this was my old DP post. I've never done it with CD. I ended up with rclone and raw gdrive@gsuite instead. 

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