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Yes it does Alexander.  You need to make sure that "Read Striping" is enabled in Drivepool.  Click on the up-arrow next to "Manage Pool", move your mouse over "Performance" so it pops out, then make sure there's a check mark next to Read Striping.  If there isn't, left-click it to enable it on the pool.

Note that it only works for pools with duplication on, or for folders/files that are specifically duplicated.  The pool needs to have >1 physical drive in it, and the read performance with multiple drives also depends on their speeds compared to each other.  Example:  if you have a pool with 1 spinner drive and 1 SSD drive and duplication is turned on, most of the time Drivepool will choose to read from the SSD first since it knows the performance is higher there.

Drivepool's read striping can also take advantage of >2 drives with Read Striping.  The more drives you have the higher a chance of getting higher throughput.  It works best on larger duplicated files where reads can be sustained.

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