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  1. alwi27

    Disk duplication

    Hi, I have a 2x disk duplication over for 4 8TB disks and i can´t find i way to easily see what disk actually is duplicated with each other. It only shows four disks and that the data is duplicated but i want to know to what which drive it´s duplicated it self to. Without going in to the disks hidden files and make a diff. Are there a function I don´t know about our a plugin for this thing? Br Alexander
  2. alwi27

    Multi read

    Hi Does Stablebit DrivePool have muilti read when copying files from a disk that is duplipcated? Br Alexander
  3. alwi27

    File balancing

    Hi I have a question. When reading "copying" files from a diskpool that has 2x mirror file copy and striping active. Then the disk will act as a raid 0 and read from both disks and give greater speed results. That awsome but my question is if there is an alternative to that when copying to the disk pool? For example I have a diskpool with 2x balancing. I have 4 files 1GB in size per file. Say file1, file2 etc. Is it possible for Drivepool to copy two of the files to one disk and the rest to another disk to speed up the process. It will then balance the files between disks. So
  4. I had set the "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" to true. But it dosent matter beacuse the beta fixed the problem Many thanks!
  5. Hi, I have a problem that is very annoying. Running Drivepool on Windows 10. All of my drives are encrypted but decrypted at boot. The problem is that the drivepool does not start when booting windows. The drivepool software starts but dosent detect any drivepool. I have to shut down the service and restart it then it mounts the drivepool as usual. This happens every time I restart.
  6. alwi27

    Zoolz cloud storage

    Hi, Is there any plans for supporting Zoolz cloud storage in Stabelbit Cloud Drive? They are offering 2TB life-time storage and it works pretty darn good, but that with Stablebits Cloud Drive ohh that would be awesome! Thanks for an awesome product!
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