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Drivepool between two or more computers


This question was inspired from reading another thread on this forum.

I was wondering if it was possible to install Drivepool on multiple computers and have them connect over the internet so that their own locally attached drives are storing some of the data, and perhaps are duplicated files stored multiple times on each location. This way, an example of 3 computers with 20 TB each will make a combined pool with 60 TB of data or 20 TB of data duplicated to 3 copies with the copies automatically updating on the other computers when changed.

Does this make sense and is it possible to do?

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You could do it with a combination of a VPN, Drivepool pool(s), and Clouddrive using file share(s).  Here's how I think it could work:

  • The VPN connects all computers on the same local net.
  • Each computer has a Pool to hold data, and the Pool drive shared so the local net can access it.
  • Clouddrive has multiple file shares setup, one to each computer connected via VPN and sharing a Pool.
  • Each local Pool can have duplication enabled, ensuring each local Clouddrive folder is duplicated locally X times.
  • The file shares in Clouddrive are added to a new Drivepool Pool, essentially combining all of the remote computer storage you provisioned into one large volume.

Note:  this is just me brainstorming, though if I were attempting it I'd start with this type of scheme.  You only need two machines with Drivepool installed and a single copy of Clouddrive to pull it off.  Essentially wide-area-storage.

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