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Cloud Drive, format and 'to upload' data



Let's say I have a cloud based drive - 500GB total size, 50GB of data on this drive - with 25GB already in the cloud and 25GB as 'to upload' and uploading.

And at that stage for whatever reason I need to format such drive and start again - for the sake of this scenario let's say it was unrecoverable chkdisk error and format is the only solution.

So I'm formatting the drive - the drive in system shows as empty - full 500GB of space is available. I'm copying 10GB of new data and now I have this:

  • total size of drive - 500GB
  • (new) data on the drive - 10GB
  • already in the cloud - 25GB
  • 'to upload' - 35GB

'Clean up' is not cleaning this up actually.

So what is happening here? What is that 'empty' / old / pre format 25GB of data that still needs to be uploaded?

How those 50GB will be utilized in the future - is that going be replaced with new data? Wat is the process here?

Any explanation will be much appreciated, thank you!

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The drive is treated much like a physical drive. Unless you do a full format (and I wouldn't here), the existing data on the drive stays there, and can be picked up by recovery tools.   

If you want to wipe and start fresh, destroying the drive, and recreating it is much cleaner, as it should remove all the data on the provider, as well. 


As for the data on the cloud, until those "sectors" are overwritten (like on a normal disk), they'll be there, and not really used. 

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