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Damaged status will not go


Hi, I have read other posts on here about the damaged status not going.  I am having the same issue with two drives.  I have done the following:

* File Scan with Stablebit Scanner - Comes up clear now.

* Chkdsk /f which reports as fine.

* Clicked the disk, File System Health, Clicked one of the option and got the Green Tick.

* File Scan again - shows OK

I just cannot get the drives to show anything other than Damaged.

DrivePool will not use the disks as I have the auto File evacuation turned on and I don't want to turn this off.

Any suggestions?

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I have to search and look the fix for this up every time. Maybe the UI element to re-set the file system status could be made easier to find and understand? 

It seems like I have to manually set it to good, and then if I'd like Scanner to re-check it I set it to Unchecked and it should get checked on the next automatic scan.

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Have you tried "chkdsk /r /b"?  It will scan for unreadable sectors, and try to re-evaluate sectors already marked as bad.  The report will at least tell you if some are marked bad, and at best may fix questionable ones currently marked bad.

You can also click the + to the left of the drive in Scanner, and check out what Scanner thinks of the block map.  Anything unreadable to it should show up there.

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FYI, I did as suggested, reset the File System Health and after a reboot and check again its all good.  It has been working merrily since then and has started to use the drive for my data.  It is hard to find and understand the process so anything to make it easier would be good.


I also took the opportunity to remove a couple of old drives from the array and it is performing much better now.  One new issue though and will open a ticket for it.

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