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drives not balancing


Hey, I noticed that since re-installing the pool to my new server that the drives are not balancing. I found some other posts here about disks not balancing and tried all the fixes but there is still no balancing going on. I have 2 disks at > 90% full, one at ~80% and 2 at roughly 50% full. I have tried all balancers turned on or just enabled the basic ones. The server is also set to balance immediately. 

Any ideas?

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Honestly, this sounds "fine".  It shouldn't rebalance here, since it's not outside of any settings. 

However, if you want, you can download and install the "Disk Usage Equalizer" balancer, as this will cause the pool to rebalance so it's using roughly equal space on each disk. 


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It should be an MSI file.  Run it, and it will install.  

Then open StableBit DrivePool UI, click on "Pool Options"/"Manage Pool",  and then select "Balancing...".   
This will open up a new window.  Open the "Balancers" tab on that window, and enable the balancer in question 

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