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  1. So on last update, the server has been up and running for 24 hours without issue. The sacraficial drive I added completed a few disk check and now I am doing a burst test on it to really push it to it's limits. The first 3 TB drive I tried to add to the pool is definitely damaged and I am going to see if I can return it to Western Digital but I doubt that will help.
  2. Well duplication has almost completed finally so it appears it was either a bad cable/loose cable or possibly even dust. I am not ruling out the entire slot yet because I have not re-populated it yet with a new drive because at least 1 of the new drives I tried it in early is F'ed up now and only reads 700Gb capacity (even though it is a 3 TB drive). I am running the WD diagnostic tools on it in the hopes of recovering it but if it is bad then that will suck, especially since now that I am 1 drive short my server is maxed out on capacity. I have some older 2 TB drives I can sacrifice and
  3. Ok, so even with no drive in that slot my server hung. I shut it down and opened it up and replaced all the SATA cables on that backplane. I just booted it back up with no drive in that slot (just in case) and I am letting it do it's thing. SFC found no errors Windows error logs show an endless list of ATAPI errors so it is certainly an issue with a drive/SATA port causing all the problems for sure. EDIT: I am also going to do some scans of the remaining disks to see what they say but I am doing them one by one.
  4. Yep, it is either the cable or the slot in the backpane. I switched in another drive and it won't even format correctly.
  5. I just stopped a duplication and went to a balance and also tried to do a scan of the new disk and it hit 15 bad sectors in the first 3% so I think I have found the issue. Now to determine if it is the disk or a loose wire.
  6. Just checked and it is off line again, sigh.....
  7. Ok, what ever is the newest 2.X version is now installed and that went painless for the upgrade. Now I am watching to see if it locks up again.
  8. I do have scanner but it always seems to lock up and then is says all drives have never been checked so I stopped using it. I have 4 other HDDs in there as well. Maybe I will give 2.x a try.
  9. Hey Guys, I am still rocking WHS 2011 with drivepool 1.3.7585 and recently I had drive fail to the point that my PC wouldn't even boot unless I removed the damaged drive. I was able to identify the drive and replace it with a larger drive (WD 3 TB red for the 2 TB dead drive) and my PC was happy with this. I added the new drive to the pool and the Drivepool app started to duplicate the missing files. The next day I noticed the server was hard locked and required a reboot and it started to duplicate from the very beginning again. This is now happened several times and it happens even if I manua
  10. Varroa

    drives not balancing

    That seems to do the trick, thanks.
  11. Hey, I noticed that since re-installing the pool to my new server that the drives are not balancing. I found some other posts here about disks not balancing and tried all the fixes but there is still no balancing going on. I have 2 disks at > 90% full, one at ~80% and 2 at roughly 50% full. I have tried all balancers turned on or just enabled the basic ones. The server is also set to balance immediately. Any ideas?
  12. Sorry, finally had to time to look into this, the beta still caused hard locks after install. I will configure the memory dump and post here.
  13. Hey Guys, recently I had my WHS boot drive die and along with that I was getting lots of hard lockups and disks reporting various smart errors. I have re-installed everything and now I am noticing hard locks again. Before the install and now after the fresh install I am noticing that the hard locks occur during Scanner drive scans and it is occuring on different disks now compared to before the fresh install. Has anybody ever noticed these hard lockups before while scanning the disks?
  14. Hey guys, recent I had to reinstall the drivepool in my WHS and so far everything is good but I though I would start a new thread because of some weird performance issues I am having. When I write to my pool I use to get speeds of 110MB/s consistently and now my speeds fluctuate like a roller coaster with dips to 0 MB/s that can last for up to a minute. Any ideas on what could be causing these speed fluctuations? The speeds are so bad that some files are failing during transfer. @Drashna, do you still have that forum post from back in the day at the WGS forums that showed how to op
  15. Got everything up and running finally. I had to manually move the shared folders over to the drivepool and then transfer the contents of the old shares into the new shared folders and it all seems to be working, thanks guys.
  16. Sigh, sorry to bother you guys one more time. I hit a bit of a hitch and had to re-install a second time. Luckily I didn't even have a chance to install the drivepool software but the scanner will not activate a second time so can I get my license revoked so it can be re-activated? Thanks Never mind, I see you mentioned to contact stablebit using the link above, I will do that now.
  17. Thanks guys. I just tried installing Scanner and I input my activation code and it was perfectly happy with that and is running fine so I have a feeling that Drivepool will do the same.
  18. Well I cannot deactivate the old license because the old OS install is gone! I will try the second and third idea first, thanks.
  19. Thanks Drashna! Long time no see! (you helped me in the earlier days). I am just finishing the re-install of WHS and all the updates and I will download the WSS tool when I attempt to re-install the drivepool. What is the easiest way to de-register my previous install of drivepool and scanner or will they be ok to reinstall since it is the same hardware?
  20. Hey Guys, long time no post for me. Recently my WHS 2011 boot drive died and I am unable to restore my OS using the system image restore so I am doing a fresh install of WHS on a new drive. My pooled drives should still be fine but I was wondering what the procedure will be to restore the the pool. I know I have to transfer my license to my new install probably but once that is done do I just plug the drives in and will it just automatically add them or what? A little guidance would be appreciated, thanks.
  21. Thanks Drashna! Been a while since I have had any problems so I don't come around much. I will give these a try and let you know, thanks.
  22. Hi Guys, on and off over the last couple of months I have been getting sporadic emails from my server telling me that one of my disks is about to fail: StableBit Scanner S.M.A.R.T. Failure on 'SERVER' One or more disks are expected to fail within 24 hours: WDC WD20EFRX-68AX9N0 ATA DeviceYou are receiving this message because you have set up email notifications to be sent to this address from the StableBit Scanner. When I go to the Stablebit scanner tab in my WHS2011 it doesn't show any warnings and all drives check out. I have even ran a full disk surface check in the past and the ema
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