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  1. I keep getting a lot of warnings in the service log and I have no clue what they mean. I keep getting a bunch of ItemAdded warnings in a row and every so often I see a item removed which is somewhat concerning. Can anyone add some light to this.
  2. You can see from the image that the pool is now measuring again for the 3rd time in 18 hours.
  3. I seem to be having an issue with DP not working correctly. It measures duplicates and balances and then when if finishes balancing it just starts over again. Using BETA
  4. Scanner found 2 bad sectors on one of my HDD's so now I'm running a chkdsk r on the disk, but while its running I'm completely locked out of my pool. Is this the programs expected behavior? Why does it have to lock you out of the pool unlike when a disk goes missing and you can still read the pool just all writes get access denied error.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm being clear enough here and forgive me if I'm not but these aren't mystery files that I don't know where they are. The files are present on the individual drives in folders on the root of the drives I don't need to locate them. Drivepool is listing the same amount of other in the right hand pane that list all of your individual drives that the folders in question are in their properties. After the pool completes the measuring process it reads that it has 195GB of other in the pool yet I know I have 638GB and 850GB in a folder in the root of the two drives in question that is why I'm confused that the pool's statistics are off by around 1TB of data that I have outside of the pool.
  6. Yeah that doesn't really explain why there is less than there should be though as the 1st part states that its stuff on the disks in the pool so if the disk is showing it has 850GB of other than the total pool should be showing at least that amount if not more from stuff like the slack space. If it was listed higher than I would suppose it should be I might think that was the reason but with it being much less that just doesn't reason to me.
  7. As you can see from this image it shows that there is 290 GB of Other (which will shrink as its measuring one last disk) but this disk has 638 GB and another is listed as having 850GB. What can be the cause of this discrepancy. (After finishing measuring it is listed at 195 GB of other)
  8. DOS76

    Damaged Drive

    Actually after running the file scan Scanner came back as no files were damaged so I marked unreadable as unchecked and then marked unchecked as good and everything is good now or at least until the next scan I guess.
  9. DOS76

    Damaged Drive

    So now that Scanner see that drive as damaged will this keep Drivepool from placing files on it in the future? Don't really have to space to move the files and reformat at the moment.
  10. DOS76

    Damaged Drive

    Okay I ran a chkdsk /r on the disk and it ran successfully said it move the bad sectors to the bad sector folder or something like that then I scanned the disk and it still comes back as damaged. Is that typical for some reason I thought once Windows marked those sectors as unusable that the disk would be seen as okay again. I'd really hate to have to stop using the disc because 52kb out of 4TB has bad sectors
  11. DOS76

    Damaged Drive

    I recently found a drive that has 4 bad blocks consisting or 112 bad sectors with a really small amount of disk size actually listed as unreadable. I ran the process to recover the files and they all comeback partially recovered. So I'm hoping that one of the other drives on my drivepool has those 5 files fully in tact but how would I go about making sure I have 2 good versions of the files instead of what I have now and with so few bad sectors on a 4TB drive should I stop using it? Basically now the drive is labeled as damage how should I proceed. If I ran the scan and they come back partially recover should I run it again or is that just a waste of time?
  12. My pool is showing green and saying the file distribution is not optimal so I balance the pool then I come back hours later and it is done but says the same thing how would I go about making it optimal other than using the balancing feature?
  13. Stablebit Scanner is reporting an error with one of my files systems and then when using the repair option in scanner it can't fix it (which is usually the case) So I go into file explorer and run the tool from in there and it has to take the drive offline while doing so to repair in that time the pool will reset itself and have to remeasure then check then duplicate then finally balance which takes forever with my set. Is there anyway inform it you are taking a drive offline so it doesn't reset itself.
  14. Okay the pool is balancing correctly now with the plugin I added and I'm scanning my drives so everything seems to be back in order
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