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WIn10 just updated to Fall Creator's - Pool GONE


I put this in the emergency "contact" thread, but thought I'd post here as well.

I woke up Wednesday to a freshly updated WIn10 server, with the Fall Creator's Update.   Everything seemed fine, except my Pool is GONE.   The drives are all still there, they even show up in the DrivePool "app" but they show as "non-pooled".   I thought, well, what if I just recreate the pool.  Adding a drive to a "new pool" says "error - cannot add the same disc to a pool".   So, I have 21 discs in a 32TB drive pool (all my family media) and it's all inaccessible as of course that means my "P" drive is gone (my pool drive).   The data is all still on the discs, but the pool has become broken in some way.   Any ideas?



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... /sigh

(Not at you).


Yup, this is a known issue with Windows 10 CU and FCU, and not just our software.  It's something in how the update process works, and arbitrarily removing components.... 


Uninstall and reinstall StableBit DrivePool, and it should fix your issue. 

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