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  1. I put this in the emergency "contact" thread, but thought I'd post here as well. I woke up Wednesday to a freshly updated WIn10 server, with the Fall Creator's Update. Everything seemed fine, except my Pool is GONE. The drives are all still there, they even show up in the DrivePool "app" but they show as "non-pooled". I thought, well, what if I just recreate the pool. Adding a drive to a "new pool" says "error - cannot add the same disc to a pool". So, I have 21 discs in a 32TB drive pool (all my family media) and it's all inaccessible as of course that means my "P" drive is gone
  2. When I try to edit which folders are duplicated and which are not, all I can seem to get asked is whether I want to enable duplication at all or not. From the screen which shows my current status of folder duplication, I can't seem to remember how to CHANGE any of it! (It's been awhile since I've had to really do anything to the server!) Thanks! Never mind. I realized that when I click "change duplication" it is actually asking me about the highlighted folder. It's not the most clear UI that could probably be there for this. :-)
  3. OK, so eventually this was going to happen - I have lots of drives, and one finally malfunctioned so bad that it froze up my system. Removing the offending drive brought everything back to life, except now I of course have a "missing" drive. Upon rebooting the machine, I "removed" the "missing" drive. What should I expect the process to be? Keep in ming this is a 25TB pool with 16 drives, so I know that this is probably a multi day process (the drive that died was a 1.5TB drive). When I went to bed last night it said "measuring" which I expected. Woke up this morning and th
  4. Glad to hear that it'll be priority. Windows 10 is REALY good and excited to get my server upgraded to it (and all my other PC's - you can't beat FREE!)
  5. rtech73


    Just a question of clarification before I jump in. (I *love* this cloud drive concept and am excited to implement it!) Is OneDrive personal currently NOT supported? Is this because of the goofy way it's implemented currently in Windows 8.1 with the placeholders? As OneDrive is my primary cloud storage (with my Office 365 I of course get unlimited storage there!) I'm excited to be able to not only get it off of it's own drive (since I can't even put it on a pool right now) but to actually integrate it INTO my pool!) What's the status prognosis for OneDrive? Thanks, guys!
  6. Good evening! Going to start using Google Photos (newly announced, and it's good!) for my photos/videos. I have sufficient data here to warrant wanting to put this stuff on my pool. However, based on my experience with OneDrive, I know that sometimes these cloud services don't always play nice with DrivePool. Can anyone tell me whether or not Google Drive works with DrivePool? A second question slightly related... If it doesn't work, and I go to put my Google Drive on one of my larger drives (which is part of the pool, but the data would be outside the pool) will I have to
  7. Here is the result of the second part of your message: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>fltmc Filter Name Num Instances Altitude Frame ------------------------------ ------------- ------------ ----- SiFilter 429998.99 <Legacy> WdFilter 26 328010 0 luafv 1 135000 0 npsvctrig 1 46000 0 FileInfo
  8. Totally agreed. I had a couple of USB enclosures. Eliminated all of them due those very problems... I do have two TR5M enclosures connected via eSATA. Fortunately my server lives in the crawl space basement, and have never had a problem with disconnecting, especially since no one ever comes near the thing except me!
  9. Hey, thanks for your perspective on this! Just for good measure, I moved some drives around so that this big drive was inside the main box and not in one of the external enclosures. Everything worked just fine! Thanks for the tip!!!
  10. Yes, I can get to the $RECYCLE.BIN folder using the process you describe. The problem is, none of the files or directories DrivePool is complaining about are in there! That's what's frustrating me.
  11. Yep, I bought a 180GB SSD just for this (and also, susequently, for my OneDrive folder, as DP doesn't like that in its current implementation either!). Works like a champ!
  12. I"m curious as to the final culprit for this problem and how the problem was diagnosed. I had this issue happen last night and it turned out that a drive that I new was going bad finally was problematic enough to make the entire pool (and ultimately the system) unresponsive as described here. I was lucky in that I knew to check that drive first and remove it, but I wonder what I would have done if I had not known that....
  13. Good evening! After a death of 2 TB drives (see other post) I have replaced them with a single 4TB drive (the server has 20 drives, so I have plenty of duplication potential). I've never used a drive this size. Are there any potential problems I may face by using a 4TB drive? It will likely be going into an external eSATA enclosure (a T5BM). I have used up to 3TB before with no issues, but I know that sometimes new thresholds bring new challenges to the surface. Thanks!
  14. I had a drive die last night, kind of took the whole pool drive with it (in that it would essentially bog down or even lock up the system when the pool was accessed). I knew which drive was the culprit, removed it and the DrivePool took care of the rest and everything is now fine. To me, all the above is negated by simply having everything duplicated (and telling it not to put ANY unduplicated files on any drives showing SMART errors, or anything else). When I removed the drive (which I had to do by force and have DP recover from a "missing" drive), of course the system knew what I was mi
  15. I have not been able to figure out how to rectify this problem (it's been bugging me for months!). Link hopefully leads to a screen shot (really sorry about the lame way of doing this!) Any ideas?? Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/efe9zo1i4qwu8y4/2015-04-14%2017.53.21.jpg?dl=0
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