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Need to erase client backup folder contents with least trouble



My client backup folder resides on a 2TB usb drive as I can't get the folder to work (all backups fail in seconds, long story in another thread :() in the pool.  My backup folder has ballooned to the whole drive (Only 10 mb free) and "cleanup" does not seem to be removing the old backups even though I told it to cut way back on the retention policy.  So I need to blow away the old backup data and start fresh with a much more restrictive retention policy.  My question is this, how do I do this properly so as not to bork the client backup setup which is working beautifully.  Can I just delete the contents of the client backup folder and Windows Server 2012 will start over with new backups?  Tedious if it works, but my options are few, a 3 TB drive is to much at present.  Not directly a drivepool question I guess, but I trust the opinion of people on this forum as they have been a big help to me in the past with drivepool and other questions.  Thanks in advance.



I seem to have found my answer here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/delete-client-backup-database-2.aspx  According to this, I can't get rid of "unwanted backups until I make some room on the drive and I can't make room on the drive until I get rid of some unwanted backups.  Catch-22.  OK then, goodbye backups and hello new more conservative retention policy (was using the built in one, kept way too many)

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