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  1. I'm running EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation v9.1. It was working fine even with the network discovery feature in Win 10 borked by the Nov. 2015 update, the program uses an ip address to find it's backup destination. Now it says the destination is unavailable and to retry to connect. The only thing out of normal on my server is the duplication inconstancy error from the pool, I've had times in the past where any error message from the pool seems to prevent backups from starting or completing. I think if your fix gets rid of that error, everything will be back to normal. Not sure why the aftermarket backups, tried Acronis and Microsoft's builtin one but I liked this one from EaseUS for the ability to locate the server and backup by ip address as normal name resolution was hit and miss until Microsoft fixed that with the last update. Your fix worked great Christopher, backup works again and life is good. I even found a way to delete an "untouchable" zero byte file/folder that has been annoying me for weeks. Two wins in one week, I'm living the life. Thanks for your help.
  2. My pool started to throw this error/warning recently. The details shows: "\System Volume Information IndexerVolumeGuid" Access is denied. Duplicating now does not resolve the issue. All drives were checked with chkdsk and no errors found. Ran the WSS troubleshooter and reset NTFS permissions on the pool to "Everybody" All were ineffective in removing the error. As long as the error on the pool exists, my backup program will not use it as a backup destination. I am currently running Beta v651, but the release version throws the same error. The pool seems to work fine in all other respects as far as I can tell, just no duplication. When Folder protection listing is up and show hidden folders is checked, an entry for System Volume Information appears and shows as X1 for duplication. Otherwise I cannot find this file (hidden or otherwise) on any of the pool drives. Not sure what DrivePool is having a problem with. The server is running Windows 10 Pro on an AMD 6 core with 8 gb ram. The pool is 20 TB with about 10 TB still free. Any idea what else I should check or try to get rid of this error? I need to get my backups working again. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Big Ooops, I reinstalled my server OS recently and everything went well, too well. I formatted the drive before I realized I had not gotten my Scanner key off of it. I did remember the DrivePool key though. Is there a way to recover my key and what do you need from me to do it? Thanks, Feeling dumb in Michigan
  4. Thanks Christopher, that's just what I was hoping to hear. I'll definetly take your advice on the duplication. Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. I finally bit the bullet and got Windows Server 2012R2. I plan on using my drivepool for the client backup folder and a separate 2TB usb drive for server backups. Are there still any problems with having the client backup on the pool, I remember there being issues that prevented it from working. The new system is setup and running and I just got my pool re-attached to the server, PLEX seems to be working again as well. Now setting up the client backups is the only thing remaining. Server R2 does seem to be "snappier" than WSE, and runs much more quickly on my server hardware. WSE just started to have too many connector issues with the clients after they were updated to Windows 10, 2 upgrades failed with the black screen of death and required full drive restores from server backups to save them. Kind of why I want to get backup working again asap. My question to the audience is will my above scenario work? Client backups to the pool and server backups to an "off line" usb drive. By the way, Stablebit Drivepool has been the most bullet proof software I have ever used, 4 different server OS's and the pool marches on with no loss of data. Now if only Microsoft could do so well. Dave
  6. I've seen that site, it just says that the connector out of the box (built in) should work. I can connect and download that connector fine, but when I try to install it I get the cannot connect to network - server not available error message, which is rubbish. I can see and access the server from all computers The connector uninstalled and re-installed on the other 2 computers but refuses to on the desktop and laptop I upgraded to win 10 and used the Microsoft Account PIN login. Changing back to a local login did mot help the connector install at all. I'll check the logs and pass them on, Thanks.for taking a look, On my other question, can the pool be used as a backup destination for WSE2012, Acronis, Marcium and the like or is that still a problem?
  7. Sorry but I thought I mentioned that I was running Windows Server 2012 Essentials (not R2) in my previous post. The new connector will not install on my server, I tried. I'm getting to the point where I don't have the time or energy to pursue this issue any more and I'm thinking of a different backup system using the server/pool as a giant hard drive. (I know a novel concept) Is it still an issue putting backups on the pool? I remember having problems along with others getting it to work with the in the box backup from WSE2012. Had to go with a non-pooled drive. If this is no longer a problem, I can uninstall the connectors from all computers and run a third party backup solution. I have both Acronis and Marcium licenses for all my comps. Maybe I could go that route.
  8. Unforntunatly, my server is Windows Server 2012 Essentials (not R2) and was working flawlessly until I upgraded to Win 10 on the 2 clients. The 2 that are failing to install and run the connector are the 2 that I set up to use my Miicrosoft account to login. They really push that during install and don't give you (any obvious) way to go back to a local account. The other 2 computers in my little network use local account logins and installed and backup just fine, which is why I'm leaning to that being the at least part of the problem. Everything else dealing with the server from theses 2 clients seems to work just fine, only connector install and backup seem to be blocked somehow. The failed install on my main computer showed me why I need a backup on that machine, it would have been a complete clean re-install otherwise. But Now that the 3tb backup drive that failed has been replaced, 2 computers can install connector and use it to backup again and 2 computers cannot even install connector, though they both can see the backup drive over the network just fine. Could this be some type of permissions thing, could the microsoft logins comps be coming at the server differently and the server is "rejecting" them somehow? The BPA on the server no longer contais any errors other than complaining about the lack of ehanced security on IE running on the server, so I fixed that by naming the certificate is WSS to match the servername, now everyone can see everyone else an 2 comps install connector and backup fine. Any logs or things I can run/lookat to provide additional info to sort this out? The Windows 2012 Client/Server Log collector will no longer work since they are no longer connected to the server and I'm not great at reading logs but I can find them for any who are, this has got to be some setting that got scambled during the failed upgrade to Win 10 and then the restore to the C: drive on the affected client. Interesting thing, the laptop was connected and working fine. It seems to clone settings from the other microsoft account computer, even the desktop and login graphics changed when I used the PIN login on it as well, I did not change them or any other settings on it when I went with the PIN login, it seems to have picked them up over the network as the desktop background was only on my main computer and never transfered to the laptop. Now the laptop behaves (and fails) exactly like the desktop, but I changed nothing on it, it fails in mirror image to the desktop. It seems the are shaing more that graphics, maybe (bothched) settings as well. Wel this ramble has gone on long enough for today. Still in need of help in Michigan, Dave
  9. Sorry to revive an old thread, but after "upgrading" all my networked computers to win 10, 2 will not install the connector or backup. I had a failed upgrade on my main computer that left me with a black screen, a useless mouse cursor, and for a while a flashing task bar. This machine only restarted 3 times not 4 lie the other 3 did. I had my backup drive ( a 3tb standalone usb drive fail and only one good backup of each computer. It saved me, I restored the c drive and everything works, except the connector. I uninstalled it and tried to re-install. Got the connector from the server normally and after I input the admin account info it immediatly pops a error say Cannot connect to the network, server is unavailable. I can remote into the server, I can see all shares on the server but the connector software will not. I have been googling this error and tried many "fixes", none work. Now my laptop is effected too as the connector would not function and the uninstall/re-instal has left it in the same state as my desktop. Both machines now use the Microsoft Account PIN login while the other two that still work properly use a local account login, may be something going on there. The dashboard still shows both of them as they were before the failure and offline. All attempts to do anything to them from the server fail, of course. Now BPA is giveing an error message that I don't have time to check now before work. I did run sfc / scannow on both the server and client during all this hoo-haw which is why I came back to this thread (your post above) That and the very good help I get from all the brainiacs here in the forum. I'm tried of having a 95% functional network and would like to get my backups going again. Any ideas or things to check on would be greatly appreciated, I'm getting too old for this, my brain hurts. Dave
  10. I backup my 3 clients to a non-pool 3tb drive, as I could never get Windows Server 2012 to let me backup to the pool. This has worked well until I upgraded to Windows 10. Since then my backup drive has been filling up alarmingly fast. Today I only have 20gb left. My retention policy has kept it well within the 3tb for months, now it's filling up, fast. I may have found the culprit in File History, it defaults to "on" on all machines and tries to backup all the files in each computers largest folders, twice a day. I think I have it turned off again and on the server too. My question is as I have deleted backups and run cleanup, my drive is still full. In fact free space went down after letting cleanup remove 2/3 of my backups. Can I just delete the contents of the backup drive and let it start over? Are there any files on the drive that have to stay? I'm getting low disk space warnings from windows but nothing about the backup folder being full from the server, is that normal? Also there seems to be 2 kinds of files, many with names like: data4096.1 (the last number changes like a counter 1,2,3 ect) (all around 4 gigs in size) and others like: S-1-5-21-3523175288-3874004036-3139489072-1124.C.FileRecordHash.4096 ( fewer but varying in size from 8 kb to 17 gb) Any help?
  11. Oops, forgot to do that, grandkids are distracting. Here it is: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/4bacccb2-a1ff-4712-930b-5804bdbaade5/problem-with-dashboard-not-working?forum=winserveressentials
  12. Fixed the problem! Google is again my brain, I found this link to Microsoft's forum where a guy had a corrupt file opening the dashboard. He deleted the file and windows re-created it error free. His dashboard and now mine work great again. Thank you for your help Drasha, I was getting frustrated with this because I knew it would be some small thing like this and take forever to hunt down.
  13. OK, ran it in an elevated command prompt on both the server and my computer. Now what?
  14. Yeah, I still do. Everything else works, just can't connect to the dashboard except by RDP which works fine and I can open it from there on the server. All the other clients connect just fine, only my desktop has this issue.
  15. I have successfully upgraded all 4 of my home network computers to Windows 10. My problem is that one client, my desktop, will not open/connect to the dashboard anymore. All the other computers connect fine and none needed to have the connector re-installed. My desktop backs up fine and I have full access to the shared folders on the server. Remote desktop works fine also. I thought maybe the connector was corrupted so I un-installed and re-installed it. No change, everything works except the dashboard. I shut down both anti-malware programs on the desktop (Malwarebytes & Norton Security) in case they were interfering , though they are running fine on the other three computers. No change. Could this be a permissions thing? Last time I upgraded (to windows 8.1) I had to run the program to reset permissions on the pool to get things working again, could be something similar? I have also noticed that some folders on the server are showing empty when I know they are not and nothing has been done to them such as moving or copying. This too was a permissions thing last time it happened. Ran the tool and presto, they were back. By the way, I could use a link to the version that will run on windows 8/10, I seem to have lost my copy. I had to use the older version for some reason last time. Other than the non-functional dashboard on one client, everything is fine and all computers are backing up ok. This is an annoyance not a show stopper. But it does have me stumped as to why and how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. All clients win 10, server is windows server 2012 essentials (not R2) drivepool running on server with 14 TB of storage, computer having issues is hard wired to server by gigabit Ethernet, rest are wi-fi, backup drive is not in the pool. All clients and server are up to date with all updates. This all worked great before the upgrade, and the one computer giving problems is the one I thought would upgrade the smoothest. Never mind about the WSS troubleshooter downloads, I found links to both versions.
  16. OK, I'm convinced to stay on WSE2012. Seems like a lot of hassle to gain a little. I would also like to get my client desktop to be running UEFI bios instead of legacy. I had originally installed it under legacy and now with equipment upgrades, can use the newer UEFI bios. My question is, can I change the motherboard to UEFI bios and then restore the c drive to the same SSD it's now on and have it be UEFI instead of legacy. The other types of changes I have found on TechNet and other places always fail at one step or another. I just got the desktop back running the way I want it and really don't want to re-install to make the bios change.
  17. I'm toying with the idea of upgrading my server OS to Windows Server 2012 R2 from the regular Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I have keys for both as well as the Standard and Datacenter versions. I don't need the extra capacity of the full servers but wonder if the move will be worth the hassle. Does WS2012R2 run better or faster or offer any real reason for the upgrade? I'm assuming the next version Server 10 would be somewhat compatible with either one. Things work fine on the WSE2012 box now. I have both Drivepool and Plex installed on the server. If I do this, I need to do it so both programs find the 12 TB pool when the server goes back on line. No data loss and minimal fuss (what can I say? I'm a dreamer) What would be a best plan of action? The OS is on a SSD if that matters.
  18. Got my new cable from Amazon today (god I love Prime) Powered the drive & server down, swapped out the cable and fired them back up. Success! The drive was found and installed on a USB3 port, all of them actually, It was the cable, nice to get a $3.57 solution once in a while. All is now good on my 12.5 TB of media.
  19. OK, new hub arrived and 3 of 4 drives were detected fine but the 4th will not be seen by the original motherboard or hub slots as usb 3. Plug it in to a usb 2 slot and it's detected and added to the pool fine. Yes this is a seagate expansion 2tb usb 3 drive. Brand new. I don't have another usb 3 a male to micro b male that seagate uses on their drives, had to order one from amazon prime, I have had problems with cables before and it's a cheap check. Hope the enclosure is OK, no way to check that other than a new cable. Past return to amazon but should be under warranty from seagate yet if I need to return it Could replace the enclosure but if it's under warranty I send it back and wait for a new one. No response at all on usb 3 but usb 2 works, got to be the cable.
  20. Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 motherboard, Renesas USB 3.0 chipset/driver, newest driver I can find is from 2010. USB 3.0 is on-board. Would a powered usb hub make any difference? All the drives connected to it have their own power supplies so I wouldn't think so. The hubs are both from companies in China so I have no idea of their quality and only went by reviews of other users. I have a better grade hub coming from Amazon that is powered just to try. I cost more anyway. I have read on several other sites of problems when the drive spins down or sleeps that Win 8 and the server flavors can lose communication with it through a hub. Not sure why that would be. I could crack open a couple of them and move them internal if I have to but I like the plug and play convenience of USB. USB2 is fast enough for Drivepool but the drives can and should work faster, I just don't want to get a new motherboard to do it. My PCI-X x1 slot is currently blocked by the heatsink on my video card. Expansion card is currently not an option. Will try the new hub with logging enabled tomorrow and see what happens.
  21. I have 4 USB 3.0 drives attached to my server, the problem is, I only have 2 USB 3.0 ports. My video card blocks my only available pci-x port internally so I can't add an expansion card for more ports. I am therefore left with the option of using a USB 3.0 hub to add the extra 2 drives into my system at 3.0 speeds. I have enough 2.0 ports for the drives, but would like to use them in their native mode. However (there's always an however) the USB 3.0 hubs I have don't seem to play nice with WSE2012 or something. Drives attached to the hubs are not detected or show up as new even though they have been in the pool previously. Sometimes they are there OK then vanish on a reboot. Does DrivePool have issues working with hubs or is this more likely a Windows thing? I am kind of stumped here as I have never had any USB problems before. When everyone is attached to USB 2.0 other than the 2 drives plugged into the 2 USB 3.0 ports, everything works. Is there a hub anyone can recommend that is known to work with WSE2012 and DrivePool? I grabbed one from Amazon and one from Newegg, both seemed to be well rated but don't want to work consistently with the server. Thanks for any help.
  22. It is WSE2012, and I currently have the router pointing to the server as primary DNS with itself as # 2 and comcast and google as #3 & 4. Sounds like it isn't worth the effort to put DCHP on the server, which is what I was beginning to believe. With only 4 computers, about that many Apple devices and the Rokus, it doesn't seem my network is complicated enough to warrent the more powerful server DCHP.
  23. Got it all installed and working, DNS was nearly all set up as the clients still had the correct settings, just had to add comcast and google as forwarders on the server. Put PLEX on the server, set it up as a service and all my media is good to go and showing on all the Rokus. Was able to get rid of some old folders that were unused but locked when the new OS released them, neater. All clients reconnected and working. New SSD in as OS drive, much faster for everything. Have a new CPU coming (Quad core AMD Phenom II 965, and 4gb more memory to finish out the upgrade. Hardest part will be mounting the new CPU heatsink, 3.4ghz CPU puts out 125 watts of heat, Cooler master 212 evo needed to cool that bad boy. All done for about $110 US. I love ebay. This upgraed beast should be able to handle anything I can throw at it for the forseable future. Oh by the way, the old backups were "available" to restore from only. Still had to run a full backup on each client to get a usuable backup set started in the dashboard. Even the client backups seemed to go faster with the new setup. Server backup now knows the SSD and I think I'm ready to relax a little now. It's not a hobby it's an adventure! Haven't tried setting up DCHP on the server yet, still reading up on it, don't know if it's better than the router doing it or not. Never added a role to the server and started it up yet Thanks for all your help,
  24. Thanks, that's a load off my mind. I'll keep you posted. I do have a backup drive for the server, but it was for a 200gb drive and my SSD was only 120gb. Only 70gb was actually used, but the restore wouldn't work as the program claimed the partition was too small for the backup to fit and the original drive died before I could trim it down. Clean install and rebuild is tedious but best in the long run.
  25. My system drive was failing and I couldn't clone it for the life of me. Put in a new 120GB SSD and installed windows clean on it. Was unable to deactivate license before I re-installed WSE2012. How can I get the activation back? Also, can I somehow still use the existing client computer backups (on a separate drive not in the pool) with the new install or am I doomed to backup all the clients all over again? (Groan)
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