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Wanting to build a server 40-45 Bay


Any an all idea's are awesome so please if you have anything posted it up here :-D


Ok so my father and I are really needing to build a super server. As it sits he already has a server rack 48U Rack. It has two HP server's and a number of Sans Digital 8 Bay Enclosures. From what I gathered besides wanting to really get away from all the drive enclosures and have everything in one server. He has found that the HP controller card is causing the drives to randomly spin down because it thinks the temperature is too high. He's found on forums that they purposely do this if they are not HP hdd's. So were needing to build a new super server to replace this and make a house for the all the hdd's. As it sits he has 36 hdd's 3.5inch. So the new chassis we really do know this WILL NOT be cheap lol. So there is room for expansion were needing idea's for a 40 to 45 bay hdd server chassis. Also for all the hdd's some help on what kind of card we would need and how many. Because I understand that there are really no SATA cards  where I can slap two of them in and run 35-45 drives off them. Or I could be wrong and you all could help me out with this. I know the motherboard can be talked about later but I do know he want to run an Intel i5 on it. Depending on the room of the chassis and how many controller cards we'll need I'm sure we can gauge which motherboard and CPU would be perfect for this type of server. He's wanting to run a software raid through Windows Server but I'm trying to get him to use drivepool which it's perfect for my 48TB setup.


Thanks again for any and all help!!



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Thanks for the reply! :-D


Yeah the cases you linked, I started on Newegg then Pricewatch after that. The two 45 bay cases looked like they were just storage bays. Didn't look like there was room for a motherboard. 

Raid cards I didn't look at yet because I'm not sure which ones we would need for all the drives.

Just curious the 20 drives are they in raid. If so of the 256GB of ram how much of that is used for the raid caching?

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Well, I really have 25 drives. 4 are SSDs sitting inside the case (1 SSD for the OS and 3 in a RAID0 for VM storage), one is in a drive dock for backups, and the 20 in hot swap bays are in DrivePool. 9 of my drives are still 3TB and 11 are 6TB. Once I get one more 6TB, I do plan to start a RAID50 and expand it over time as I upgrade the remaining 3TB drives.

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Supermicro cases are the best! 


Yes, the 45 drive bay cases are only drives, no actual motherboard. 


However, you buy one of these: 


Then hook up the enclosure.


Or you pick up something like this:

http://www.supermicro.com/products/chassis/4U/847/SC847E26-R1K28LPB(which is what I have) 




But honestly, my best suggestion would be to contact SuperMicro directly and talk to a representative.  they may be able to help you out.





As for RAID cards, you want HBA stuff, unless you plan on doing RAID.  

As for RAID caching, that's done "on controller", IIRC, and much more expensive. 

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