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Just upgraded to Beta. Getting error when running GUI.


I just upgraded Drivepool to the latest beta (  I am now getting the following error when starting the GUI.


There was a problem running this application :(
Error report file saved to:
  C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\UI\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2017_09_17-03_12_57.8.saencryptedreport
The GUI continues to run after I close the error dialog.  
I have attached the ErrorReport.  Three separate errors were generated back to back.


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Well, there was a change in how UI errors are handling, so you may see this back as far as 827, in fact.


However, if you could run the StableBit Troubleshooter, and use 3139 as the contact ID, we'll take a look.


However, if the error doesn't stop the UI from working, then this is a benign report and can be ignore... it's just annoying.  But we'll see if we can resolve the issue or handle the prompt better. 

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