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Sort Pools by Name


Any chance the "Sort pools by Name" could support by Drive letter as an option?

* Force deletion of the recycling bin, "System Volume Information", and .covefs folders when a pool part is being removed.
  (deal with invalid ACLs and read-only attributes).
* Perform background duplication after measuring completes, if it's inconsistent.
* Sort pools by name.
* [D] Fixed hierarchical pool part duplication tags. Hierarchical pool part duplication tags will reset.
* Fixed pooled disk list UI flicker.
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Okay, just to let you know: 


If you right click on the name/letter for the pool, in the UI, the pools ARE sorted by name, specifically, the label of the pool ("DrivePool" by default). And if they match, it's sorted by drive letter. 


This also applies for the left/right thing. 


I confirmed that this is the behavior int he 852 beta. 

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OK, I see that now.


But when I open the UI, how does it decide which pool to display the graphical info for first?


I think that is what threw me off.  it always seems to default to displaying the graphical info for the second of my two pools on the popup list (it may be the first or last created or something)


I guess I would expect it to not just sort the popup list but also either default to displaying the detailed pool info the first item in the popup list (my preference), or the last one displayed when the UI was closed.

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It uses the Pool's volume label, first. And if these are identical, then it uses the pools drive letter. 


So, if you have these:

Best (D:\)

DrivePool (P:\)

DrivePool (T:\)

Test (E:\)


well, they will be displayed in the above order. But i you renamed the volume lable on "D:\" to "Worst", then it would be moved to the end. 

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Well it looks ok on my box now.  Maybe something changed between *.848 and *.852.






The sort pools by name was introduced in the 840 build, so it should have worked around there.  And I'm not seeing anything in the logs that would indicate a fix between the builds you've listed that would have changed the behavior. So ... odd.

So we dont have drive letter as an option then


would like


Best (d:\)

Test (e:\)

Drivepool (p:\)

Drivepool (T:\)


i.e ignore the drive name


No, it looks like it's just labels (names) right now. 


I'll mention this to Alex.

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