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Scanner stuck on Initializing


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I am experiencing a similar problem with two PC servers running Windows 10 and Scanner.  The GUI will just open to searching....  (new issue) After reading a few posts here, I took a look at Services in Task Manager and found that ScannerServce is stopping.  When I manually start the service, the GUI is available.  Service startup is set to Automatic.


Scanner has been on these machines for about 18 months.  On one machine, two of the three drives have a non-fatal problem.  I am getting ready to fix.  However, little has been done in the way of changes.  Just running.  There have been a number of MS updates over the period, but I can't tie an update to the service stopping.


Wish I was better at Jeopardy, have trouble finding the right search question to get me to an answer.  Any advice?  I did send a copy of Troubleshooter data.


Thanks, Tom


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Well, the UI just connects to the service. So if that isn't running ... yeah.


That said, the service should automatically restart if it crashes.



And I'm not seeing Troubleshooter logs.  If you could, try sending them again (use "3013" for the contact request/ID field).


Also, as above, try resetting the settings.



If that doesn't help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the quick response.


Oops, I was on a remote connection to the server, so may have run the Troubleshooter on my laptop.  Not sure now. Have sent Troubleshooter data before starting the service.  This time on the server for sure.  Also, the email tag should be tom@flemer.net.  May not match what you have on record.


I know where the reset is on Drivepool, can you point me to the one on Scanner?


Best Regards,


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....  I'm not 100% sure of this ... but given what I'm seeing, I think your system is corrupted.


I'm seeing a bunch of .NET related errors.   Some that affect remote functionality, as well as other ... low level .NET stuff.  


Unfortunately, depending on what OS you're running ... it may be simpler to reinstall than to repair .NET Framework, because of how integrated it is into the system.  




As for resetting StableBit Scanner, there is no way to do so from within the UI. It's entirely manual.


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