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Remote Access


If I build a Windows 10 Professional Server and it is connected to my Wifi network, what software or hardware do I need to add in order to access the files stored on the server from outside my home?  And what do I need in order to upload or download to/from the server.  I am a photographer and want to be able to access photos and to upload photos from a variety of locations if I can get on the internet.

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Well, there are bunch of ways to do this.


The simplest may be to use: 


  • SeaFile, and set that up. 
  • SFTP or FTPS



That said, a simpler method may be to use Windows Server 2016 Essentials, as it does have a remote access website designed for uploading and downloading files.   (though it's hosted on your internet connection). 


Otherwise, it gets more complicated. 

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If you're using a laptop "outside", then you could set up OpenVPN on your server (or if you have a decent router, on that).  Connect to the VPN and you can work as if you're at home.


I do this from work - I have OpenVPN running on my Asus router, and connect in.  I can access everything across the VPN.  As the VPN data is compressed, it's pretty quick.

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