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G Suite and unlimited Google drive

Ian Spencer


My understanding to get unlimited account for Google drive option is only available to G Suite which requires a minimum of 5 paid accounts at $50 a year. You then have an option of $10 per month for unlimited drive space.


Given this I'm happy to supply a domain if I can get 4 or 5 other people to share expense of a 5 account would 30+ TB and grow over time

be reasonable use or does Google truely supply unlimited storage? Is Google drive very reliable? Can you have more than one drive per email account? Are there any other people here interested in joining up to share costs?


Anyone see problems with this plan?


Are there any other affordable unlimited or huge storage services that are reliable as clearly I ACD is not interested in this party party storage applications.


How safe would my data be, I want to put all my Plex video on plus data backup. Most storage would be for Plex.




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I've heard the same, but since they're cracking down on one aspect, it may be a safe bet that they may be cracking down on other violates as well. 



As for getting multiple people .... colbalt503 is right, it's an issue of trust.  If you can find people that are are willing to trust you or find somebody else that you trust, then by all means.  



As for Google Drive itself, from what we've seen, yes, it is very reliable. And yeah, it does seem to be actually unlimited. 

As for one drive per account ... Google doesn't support that, no. But we do. 

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Yeah I take your point you have to find 4 people who trust me or I trust and yeah as I don't run a business anymore and have lifetime chronic illness I don't have many real life friends and none interested in this.


So if you did get 5 users at $50 x5 you could have the unlimited option.


Would just $10 on one account and have multiple drives or would each user have to pay $10 per month using Google drive drive.


Would be a no brainer before I had to stop work at 33 years old and eventually shut down my business.


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