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Migrating Data from one GDrive to another


Hey everyone


I have two GDrive's, one has 15TB of data, the other is empty. 

I would like to migrate all the data from one, to the other. 


I'm currently using Drivepool to mirror- but its running at about 300mbps and will take about a week.


Another thought I had, is if I do a straight copy of the data from one drive to the other (using rclone or similar), once the data is fully migrated, would CloudDrive see the new drive like it saw the old one?


So if I logged in to the new Google Account in Clouddrive, it would pick up the existing share name, file structure and just pick up where we left off?


Any help would be great



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I found this instructions on another thread- would this apply for me?


The proper order for this should be: 
  1. Detach the cloud drive.
  2. Copy the CloudPart... folder to the other account.
  3. Delete the ...ChunkIdStorage subfolder (under the CloudPart) before reattaching the cloud drive.
  4. Attach the cloud drive from the new account.
If you do run into any errors, try doing this: 
  1. Delete the ...ChunkIdStorage subfolder (under the CloudPart) in Google Drive.
  2. Reset all StableBit CloudDrive settings (check reset databases).
  3. Wait until that completes.
  4. Reauthorize your cloud drive.
  5. It should now mount normally.
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Honestly, I don't see a good way that we could do this. 


You'd need to copy all of the files and rename them, as well as edit the metadata file for them...  And this would be a bandwidth heavy operation anyways.  It would be simpler to create a new drive and copy the contents. 


However, I've flagged this as a feature request, so we'll see. 


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