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  1. Hi everyone I have a drive with 10TB of data duplicating with another empty drive in a Drivepool. It's been transferring for a few days now, going between balancing and duplicating etc... Slowly filling up the second drive. Now I've noticed approx 3.3TB of data is unusable for duplication in the pool. Both drives are the same size (256TB CloudDrives), so there should be no shortage of storage space to duplicate. Now I'm worried I've spent days of duplicating data, only for 1/3rd to not duplicate at all? Will this fix itself as it continues to duplicate and balance? Or
  2. Hi Christopher Yes, I meant I would like to copy Clouddrive1 in GDrive1 to Cloudrive1 in GDrive2 I would then only mount the Clouddrive1 in GDrive2 from that point onwards.
  3. I found this instructions on another thread- would this apply for me? The proper order for this should be: Detach the cloud drive. Copy the CloudPart... folder to the other account. Delete the ...ChunkIdStorage subfolder (under the CloudPart) before reattaching the cloud drive. Attach the cloud drive from the new account. If you do run into any errors, try doing this: Delete the ...ChunkIdStorage subfolder (under the CloudPart) in Google Drive. Reset all StableBit CloudDrive settings (check reset databases). Wait until that completes. Reauthorize your cloud drive. It should now mount nor
  4. Hey everyone I have two GDrive's, one has 15TB of data, the other is empty. I would like to migrate all the data from one, to the other. I'm currently using Drivepool to mirror- but its running at about 300mbps and will take about a week. Another thought I had, is if I do a straight copy of the data from one drive to the other (using rclone or similar), once the data is fully migrated, would CloudDrive see the new drive like it saw the old one? So if I logged in to the new Google Account in Clouddrive, it would pick up the existing share name, file structure and just pick up
  5. Thanks for the info Christopher, much appreciated
  6. Strange- I don't have any issues with Plex and/or Sonarr crashing. Stable as a rock. My internet connection is quite quick though- so maybe that's the difference?
  7. Sorry you're right, my bad. Thanks for spotting that! What affect would reducing the prefetch window have on streaming, either direct or transcoded?
  8. Thanks Chris for the advice, much appreciated With prefetch settings: - increase trigger to 10MB: would this cause any issues with library scanning as some library files/metadata are less than 10MB? - decrease forward to 300MB: would this have any affect on buffering, either at the start of playing a file and during the playing of a file? I want to reduce the time it takes to start playing a file, and obviously midstream buffering. Thanks again
  9. Hey guys- Just started using Clouddrive and Drivepool to manage my storage for my Plex Server. Great software! I'm hoping to get some expert advice on the best settings to use in both programs when streaming via Plex. My setup is as follows: Plex appdata is on physical C:\ I have unlimited upload/download quota's, with speeds of up to 1gbps. 1x Drivepool for Movies 1x Drivepool for TV Shows Each Drivepool is comprised of 2x Google Drive Clouddrives with 2x file duplication. 1 Clouddrive has 500GB cache, the other has 1GB cache and is purely in place for duplication pur
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