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Thread count based on a global setting?




I've noticed that the thread count seems to have been defined globally to be shared between all your drives.


As i have several google accounts hooked up, with individual drives, shouldn't it be more logical to have the thread count be defined pr. unique google account ? - They should all have their individual API call caps, which was the main reason for the limit.


Would be nice to access files from another account, while also download from the first - right now it would just slow down the progress from both.


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I suspect that we manage this globally and per drive. 


I'll have to ask, as I'm not 100% certain and this is one of the more advanced areas of the software. 


Seems only to run on a global setting - would be nice to have it per account instead!


Btw hope all is well after the surgery! Get well! 

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Just thinking about this .... 


For the same provider, there is probably a hard limit, as well.   Google has multiple limits, per account, per app, etc.  We're probably limiting that to prevent hitting limits and getting excessively throttled,.... So changing this may not be feasible.  However, it may be worth looking into optimizing this. 




As for my surgery, i'm doing much better now, and hopefully, no more return visits. 

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