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License from v1?


I had purchased a license that was the "two for one" awhile back.   This key activated both DrivePool and Scanner on my WHS machine.    I deactivated the license and have installed it on my new Windows 7 Ultimate Server (Long story why I didn't go back to WHS) after a major hardware upgrade.   When I activated DrivePool, it worked like a charm, when I went to activate Scanner with the key, no dice.   Should this still work like this or will I need to purchase a new license for Scanner v2?


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The license is linked to the hardware, to make sure it's not being activated on multiple machines. If you didn't deactivate it (or if it didn't go through properly), then you'll definitely see that behavior. 
And the license is valid for any version of Scanner, so there is no need to purchase another copy, unless you a) want to, or b.) wish to run a copy on multiple computers at the same time (which you can get a discount for, if you want to do this).



I've reset your license for Scanner, so it should activate properly on the new system now.

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