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Hard Drive Errors - Next Steps

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Hey Christopher,


I've run into a problem that's showing itself in a way I've never seen before, or maybe it has been so long since I've had a problem I don't remember what to do correctly.


First, I'm on Beta


I have a hard drive that is reporting it is unable to read 104 sectors. I've deleted the corrupted files and rescanned, nothing is coming up with errors now. I set the readable blocks unchecked, and the unreadable blocks unchecked, and let it rescan. But, it is still reporting 104 unreadable sectors. I thought there was a way to mark these as unusable and go along my way, but I do not seem to be able to get to this point. Is there a way to do this?

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Actually, install the latest beta version: 



There are some issues with newer drives that can cause this to occur.  Install that version, and rescan the drive.



This may fix the issue outright.  If not, then it indicates a problem with the drive. THere isn't really a way to ignore it, as there should not be any "unreadable sectors". Unreadable sectors indicate a physical problem with the disk (or in some cases, communication with the disk), and the issue needs to be addressed or the disk needs to be replaced. 

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First off, thanks!


I should have told you, this is a WD Red 5TB that I've had in there for about a year.


Will Scanner continue to tell me that the drive is damaged no matter what I do?


I just ordered a 8TB SMR drive to replace it with for now, since I've been wanting to mess with them anyway. From what I read here a while back, it should be fine for storing my rips for playback.

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