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Empty Drive with 8GB used in Google Drive?


Hi guys, I'm trying to understand something.

I created a 10TB CloudDrive in Google Drive and mounted it to my computer.

I haven't actually copied anything to this drive yet, and on my PC it shows 0 bytes used with the full drive available.

However, when I log into Google Drive and have a look at the folder that was created for this drive, it says it's occupying 8GB.

I looked in the folder, obviously it's just a bunch of 10MB chunk files... but why? What's in these files?

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did a quick search of the forums but didn't find anything.




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Just because there is no usage on the drive in Windows doesn't mean that there isn't data on it.  


Since we're storing the raw disk data on the provider, this will pretty much never match perfectly.  


Stuff like the partition information is stored on the disk, and this does get uploaded.


Additionally, if you've added files and deleted them, it will cause this.  When you delete a file, NTFS doesn't actually scrub the data, it just stops pointing to it. So, the actual data remains on the drive, until it's overwritten.  This is actually how recovery software works (it scans for, reads and attempts to recover this data). 

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