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Slow Transfer Speeds


I have a drive activity light that stays on all the time on my USB3 RAID Tower caused by a defective hard drive. I swapped the drive with a drive in my other DrivePool that's inside my Mid-Tower Case to correct the problem. When copying files between the two pools my transfer speeds went from 160-100 MB/s to 40-20 MB/s. When speeds are 160-100 MB/s DrivePool 1 are all in USB3 RAID Tower and DrivePool 2 are in ESATA3 RAID Tower and one drive on ASMedia SATA3. So I'm using both of the ASMedia SATA3 ports.


When transfer speeds are 40-20 MB/s DrivePool 1 has three drives in USB3 RAID Tower and one drive on ASMedia SATA3 port. DrivePool 2 has three drives on ESATA3 and one drive in USB3 RAID Tower.


I know what you're going to say Drashna. It's my drivers. I just thought this was interesting and wondered if anybody had any idea what was causing this. Needles to say I reverted back to the original configuration. 


I think my only solution now is to purchase another 3TB HD and clone the DrivePool drive.

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haha, :)
No, this time I wasn't going to blame the drivers. But now that you've said something... :P


That depends on the drives, in a large part. I've seen that behavior a LOT from WD Green drives. It's one of the reasons they're trash, and I highly recommend against never using them.


And just to make sure, you'd doing this disk to disk? If so, it could be possible that you're saturating the BUS (or it's getting saturated enough that it's having issues).  It could also be where on the drives the data is actually located (it could be taking longer to grab all the data), and this is why a lot of people recommend defragmentation tools.


Or it could be a faulty cable... :(





This is why I hate hardware issues, and it is why over at WGS, I have a nice LONG thread about performance issues.  Running a check of the disks, running a defrag pass on them (check the offtopic "Software I recommend" thread), and stopping the Windows Search service (at least while moving files around). 


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It could be something as simple as a bad cable, or maybe damage to the connector that is preventing a good connection.  


And it's weird that switching it the one time causes a bunch of issues, but another time that it worked just fine. 

To me, that seems to indicate maybe a bad connection somewhere.

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