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Using DrivePool and Scanner in a VM, accessing RAW storage unit


Good morning,


I am planning to setup a virtualized environnement, where WSE 2012 R2 will run within a VM, on top of an hypervisor.


Both Hyper-V and ESXi offer the capability to directly attach a physical HDD to a VM: in this case the HDD is not seen by the host anymore (ie the hypervisor), but is seen by the guest. It would appear, at least with ESXi, that this is really a passthrough mechanism, so the SMART data of the drive are accessible (need to check on Hyper-V).


I'm curious (although I will test it anyway), as anyone ever tested this ?





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Yes, you can use DrivePool and Scanner in a VM, but you'll need a second copy (license) of Scanner on the host to read the SMART information. SMART data doesn't pass through to the Hyper-V guest. See the pinned threads in the Scanner - General section of this forum.


(However, I don't really understand why you would be passing through an HDD in a RAW state. I format mine on the host.)

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I think "RAW" is the wrong term here, or at least misleading.  I beleive he means disk passthrough. That the whole disk is being passed through, it it's "raw state", basically.



If you want SMART data in the VM, ESXi is the way to go. the ESX RDM passthrough does pass along the SMART data for the drive.


HyperV does not pass along this data (I don't know why Microsoft doesn't.... it's actually kind of frustrating).  So if you want to grab SMART data as well, you'd need to install Scanner on the Host OS, and disable the file checks for the passed through disks.  The plus side is that there is $9.95 discount for additional licenses, and you can monitor the host OS's drive as well. Something you can't do with ESXi, as it's *NIX based, and we're a "Windows Outfit".

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