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I’m not too proud to beg - Stablebit software on Linux?



I know the chance of this is near zero, but the most recent Windows screenshotting AI shenanigans is the last straw for me.  

The incredible suite of Stablebit tools is the ONLY thing that has kept me using Windows (seriously, it’s the best software ever - I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration). 

I will pay for the entire suite again, or hell Stablebit can double the price for Linux, I’ll pay it. Is there ANY chance a Linux version of DrivePool/Scanner would be developed?

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As I've been using linux more and more, the main/only thing keeping me on Windows is our software (and well, gaming, but even then ... valve has made that so much easier)... so I feel you.

However, it's a complex issue.  And that's not even counting distribution of the software...   But at this time, no. Sorry. 

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