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Can I use Drivepool inside a VM?



I have a 43TB 10-disk pool and a 32TB 4-disk pool, where I store big video files from old shoots, all fully duplicated. I want to ditch Windows for Linux, but I don't want to move 70+ TB of data back and forth, in order to have them in a btrfs or similar array, I want to leave them where they are and continue accessing them through Drivepool in a Windows 10 VM running on Debian 12.

Is this possible? Are there any catches, special considerations or anything I should be aware of with regards to using Drivepool inside a VM?


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You absolutely can use StableBit DrivePool in a VM.  There shouldn't be any issues with doing so, if you're passing the whole disk through. 

The only caveat is that you may not get SMART support for the drives inside of the VM, but this depends on hypervisor and how things are configured. 

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