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Why won't drive pool fully use my 2b drive?


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I'm still new to using Drivepool, so this may not apply to you, but did you check the prevent drive overfill? It defaults to 90 percent, which on a 2TB drive is 100GB, surely enough for a blu-ray, so it balances out if there are any drives above 90 percent it will take them off of that drive and put them on a drive that is not near that limit. I hope that helps and if I am wrong please let me know.


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Volume Equalizer is for multiple partitions on the same physical disk. 


Also, unless you're actively adding data, it won't rebalance the data to use the drive. 


If you want to force the pool to be equally used, download, install and enable the "Drive Space Equalizer" balancer plugin. 



This balancer plugin will rebalance the pool so that all the disks are using roughly the same amount of space.

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