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  1. The service starting message on my machine lasts AGES. I'm working with support trying to get it resolved but I'm assuming it's a bug and I suppose it's possible that this is just how long it takes for drive pool to start. I have 7 drives in the pool with 17TB of space. It takes around 40 minutes after a reboot before I can use the stablebit drive pool software or access any files. Does anyone else experience this? I'm using Server 2016 (I've just moved to a new host SSD drive), and i'm using the latest beta of drive pool.
  2. I would have thought that the volume equalizer balancer should cause stuff to be put on here? Maybe I don't understand it properly!
  3. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean. For some reason even after weeks I can't get drivepool to use this drive. I have Volume Equalizer after StablebitScanner so I think it should be trying to put stuff on there.
  4. I have 4 drives and a cloud drive as part of my pool I noticed the pool slowing down significantly so I thought I'd best take a look - when I did I saw an error in the cloud drive telling me I needed to restart my server. When I did I saw this: Not ideal. I thought best remove that, and when I went to drive pool I can see this: The drive pool is still accessible, but I have no idea if I can write to it without corrupting it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I can't figure this out at all! Could you let me know where the delete option is on beta please! Ta Never mind - it's the hidden up triangle on drive options for future googlers :-)
  6. I wonder if it's down to the cache drive?
  7. Hi I've been using DrivePool for a while, and the thought of being able to "raid" over several cloud providers really appeals to me so I instantly bought the app. I've been playing with it for a few hours and I'd like to give my first impressions. Firstly I found the UI a tad confusing. Moving between cloud drives from left to right works, but it's a little none obvious, and then having to click the + to add other providers/perform attach operations is really confusing and took me (I consider myself quite an advanced user) a while to figure out. Personally I'd move the + button out of the existing drive selection and have it permanently visible. I realise it's the same as DrivePool, but I've only ever used one pool there so I hadn't even noticed the other options until I just looked now! I also found the wording and the process surrounding adding a cloud provider very confusing depending on the provider. It took me ages to figure out when adding drop box that I had to click the authorize button, and for some reason it wasn't displaying the code on the stable bit site when I first tried it (perhaps you fixed something in the back end?). To fix this I'd recommend the following:- Don't ask for Name if you need the username Provide a lot more details if something fails - authorization error just led me to guess a lot If you need to do OAuth then do it in a window in side the app, and parse the token automatically rather than copying and pasting between your site. Please put some help info in the how do I connect to this provider (I'm guessing thats the plan in the long run!) Some file shares don't require a username/password, so you need to make that optional I also couldn't figure out the point of adding a local disk - I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious here! I've had a few times where it's looked like the app has crashed, but it hadn't I just needed to be patient (which I'm not great at!) When creating a Disk it often loses connection with the service and advices you to restart the machine (waiting a long time appears to fix this, but I have no idea what it's doing) I'm not sure what caused it, but while looking at the networking drive explorer totally froze. I went into CloudDrive and it was doing something called Pinning. Again no idea what that is. I've also had drives mounded, but I can't see them in explorer at all (nor in the Disks in File and storage services) so I don't know whats going on with it. In Drive pool I can see some drives in the non-pooled area called COVECUBECloudFSDisk___ but I don't know which provider they relate to. I tried clearing all the feedback and got some issue with it being unable to communicate with the Pipes - sorry should have taken a screen shot of that. I added a network share (which got added as drive J), put it in a drive pool, then started adding other cloud providers to my machine (not in the drive pool). After the issues above and a restart my network share didn't exist in my list of drives (and the drivepool has reported the disk is missing). I can't re-attach the drive because stable bit is telling me it's already mounted, but it also doesn't appear in the list of drives. This issues is shown here: Also none of the disks created (amazon, box and the network share) appear in file manager so I'm really not sure whats going on! Whilst I have pointed out a lot of issues I'm having I do love the idea of this product (especially the TNO encryption!)... but unless people are having a lot more luck than me I think this is more in Alpha territory, and I can't recommend anyone relying on this for real data at the moment! I really look forward to seeing how this product progresses, and I hope this post has been useful. [EDIT: one more screen shot that might be helpful!]
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