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  1. Drashna, Thank you for everything I am going to buy Scanner today as I said I have the time. Now I started setting up the server with the modifications you recommended and came across the following and wanted to know your thoughts. I have an Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter in the Server. Under "checksum" or "Offload", I have several instances where they show up below are where they are on the list: IPv4 Checksum Offload Large Send Offload V2 (IPv4) Large Send Offload V2 (IPv4) TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4) TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6) UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4) UDP Checksum Of
  2. Drashna, First let me say thank you so much for your dedication, and the time you have taken to help educate me. Also, allow me to say that you could change the title of this thread from wanting to make the move from flexraid-f to drivepool, to I'm all in!!! I just won a license from you guys on twitter. I freaking never win anything! So, I am all in Drivepool right now. I got Flexraid-F running via Expert mode so I have the parity all setup, and everything, seems to be looking good in DrivePool. I'm going to purchase the Stablebit Scanner as well. I just need a wiki so I could just p
  3. Drashna, Thank you for the warm welcome, and that is exactly what I wanted to do and I'm glad that I could do that on Drivepool, however as you pointed out Flexraid isn't as informative about this. I'll have to delve a bit deeper or just try it out. For me the main reason I want NFS is because, on Kodi it seems to work better when streaming blurays. When using the SMB protocol I seem to have stuttering and buffering issues. I have tested both my Windows 2012 Essentials Server using SMB and my UnRaid running NFS streaming the BluRay - The Dark Knight Rises, it looked choppy and stuttere
  4. I'm still new to using Drivepool, so this may not apply to you, but did you check the prevent drive overfill? It defaults to 90 percent, which on a 2TB drive is 100GB, surely enough for a blu-ray, so it balances out if there are any drives above 90 percent it will take them off of that drive and put them on a drive that is not near that limit. I hope that helps and if I am wrong please let me know. -Semper Fi gyrene2083
  5. Hello All, I have actually posted on another site and Drashna said it was fine that I posted here since there are many that have done this. I want to continue to use Flexraid-F for parity and use Drivepool to manage my pool. I need your help, here is my current setup; 1 - Norco 4220 20TBs UNRaid Server running latest version all disks xfs, and running NFS as the protocol. This is my backup to my Windows 2012 Essentials Server, and I have to say that running the NFS protocol to my Windows 10 Kodi HTPC, ran flawlessly, no buffering whatsoever. 2- Windows 12 Essentials running Fle
  6. Flexraid-F user wanting to make the switch, but keep the parity....

  7. Thank you so much for responding drashna. I'm excited to wait for the 2.0 version. If you need any help writing it up, I'll be more than happy to help in some way. I don't want to be just a user that just makes "withdrawls out the bank" so to speak, I'd like to "make deposits" too. I'm a disabled Old Marine. So, time is all I have. -Semper Fi gyrene2083
  8. Hello All, I have heard nothing but great things about Drivepool. I was curious if there was a pdf manual that can be downloaded. I know your busy with other things, but just curious about this was all. -Semper Fi gyrene2083
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