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Read only drive


OK, yes.... I am fully aware this has been asked over and over.

And yes.... I am fully aware you guys keep saying no.


However, I feel we are SOOOO CLOSE to working out of box.

I have two computers that i have clouddrive installed. I made one cloud drive and attached both, with one of them having zero upload threads(My read only box).

This works, and it works nearly the way i want it to.

Yes both are not writing but that is OK. If i write to the drive on the box that has upload, I dont see the new data as the file structure is pinned and doesn't refresh on the read only box. A quick work around is to stop the service delete the hidden cloud drive folder, start the service and reattached. It comes back in with zero upload threads and all is good.


If a read only box does not upload what is the problem here? We only need one little buried option to refresh the directories.


I am just talking out loud here. I'm open for discussion but its working for me and I am still rooting for this as a feature.

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This would be a very useful feature for me as well.  I could have the drive mounted as read/write on my dedicated server in the datacenter to do all of the uploading and another instance mounted as read only on my home computer.  (You could sell a few extra licenses this way... :P)

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would love this as well - however i think there is a technical aspect which makes this hard

I guess that is what i disagree with.

I basically have it working already, just have to do a few tricks that could be built in.


Its probably more a user experience they are worried about.

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