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Two questions about duplication - what if




Three disks, folder, x2 duplication. One disk contains full folder, other two - "half" of the folder each.

One disk fails (disappears).

Will x2 status for folder automaticaly restored on two drives? Or files wil be left as is?



Three disks, file, x3 duplication.

Boot from another OS (livecd, for example), edit one copy of the file inside the PoolPart.xxx folder, save.

Boot from OS with Drivepool. What will it do? Nothing? Update old copies with new? Or replace new copy with old?

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I believe you do need to remove the failed/missing disk before it will start re-duplicating the remaining data (should be *all* of it in that scenario). But as long as you have a copy of the data, it will try to duplicate it when it makes a duplication pass.



When DrivePool makes a duplication pass, it compares the files. If it notices that one of the files doesn't match the other two, it would generate a warning and let you know. At that point, you can decide what to do.

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