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Stop sync without unmounting + Manual pinning


For most of the time I have a solid (300/40) internet connection. But when I'm on the road or somewhere with a metered connection, I don't want the syncing to chew up all of my data cap. Is it possible to add a switch that limits syncing to the utmost essentials? Cache size is not an issue (1TB drive + SSD in laptop). I have tried limiting the speed to 1Mbit but that just ends up throwing errors and warnings.


I undertand that it needs an internet connection to mount the drive and that is not a problem. I also know that without syncing only cached data will be accessible. Here comes the second point; manual pinning; a way of selecting folders/files that will be kept in the cache. I currently keep all my video and photo projects in a CloudDrive, and being able to selectively keep only the most recent on disk, while clearing the older ones out of the cache would be really helpful. I don't mean for this to replace the current cache, but optionally supplement it.

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Currently, no. 


Right now, NTFS structures are pinned (kept in cache), and optionally, folders are as well. 


Aside from that, commonly accessed data is kept in the cache.   But "essential"? There isn't a good way to tell what that is, aside from NTFS data structures.... 


As for pinning specific data, that's been mentioned in the past, and it is something that we'll consider for future versions, but not anytime immediately. It's complicated to do so.... 


Also, increasing the size of the cache would decrease the likelihood that it has to go out and grab the data.  So that may be a good idea. 

In fact, if you have the space, setting the cache to be equal to the drive's size *should* prevent it from having to go out and grab data.  

This isn't a great solution, but it may work.  And if you want to stop it from accessing the internet, you can set the upload and download threads to "0", and that will disable the data usage, effectively. 

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Hi !


I will add my vote for both things here the metered issue and the manually pinned folders or data. Since you are saying the latter will come at one point I am especially concerned about the first one. Cloud Drive should honor the metered connection setting in Windows 10 for instance. Would it be possible for cloud drive to automatically stop downloading or uploading to the cloud if I set the network connection in Windows to metered? For instance this prevents Windows updates from downloading so it would be cool if it would also automatically set Clouddrive in a "no more data usage-mode". Possible?


Thanks ;)

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