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  1. Hi Christopher, the question that arises is ... why is my notebook totally stable without Cloud drive? If the drive, the controller or the drivers would cause the drive to disconnect from time to time, I would certainly get bluescreens all the time. But as I said, I just copied 200 GB of date to that drive and watched videos from it. Not a single time, did I get a bluescreen. So why is it only occuring in combination with CD? Anyway, at the moment I am not sure if I want to pursue this cause it is time consuming. I might change the cache drive to the first drive, I might delay the sta
  2. Hi Christopher and Alex, first, thanks for taking a look into this. However, this is crazy. The hardware is an Acer R13 R7-372T notebook with two internal M2 SSDs with Intel RST drivers installed. This is a relatively new notebook (from this year) and absolutely stable without Clouddrive installed. Just yesterday, I copied about 200 GB of data to the second drive (the one that CD used as the cache drive previously) and did not get any bluescreen. What you are saying basically is, that the drive disconnects while in use. This would imply that it is a faulty drive but then I would see th
  3. Hi ! Any idea, when there might be a solution to this? I would have thought, that a bluescreen issue like that would be kinda high priority. I am still experiencing them occasionally btw. so last time it happened, I didnt ever bother to mount the drive anymore. Anyway, apart from that issue I am very unhappy with using the cloud drive on the road anyway. I dont really know how everyone is so happy about using cloud drive. I am having nothing but problems with it. Not only the constant crashing issues but even if it works, it is so extremely painfully slow to use the data on the cloud d
  4. How is that possible if you are using cloud drive? Amazon never "sees" the actual data since the drive is encrypted. It will just see a bunch of data chunks, I doubt they can do dedupe on that !??!
  5. Did you guys ever find a solution for this problem?
  6. Actually I was thinking of trying this. Not sure what caveats you are referring to but I was thinking of potential problems with copyrights. If I upload stuff to amazon without encryption, even if I am only streaming to myself, who knows if Amazon is going through my media library to check for illegal content? So unless Plex uses some sort of encryption by uploading through them, I am not sure, this is such a great idea. But cant you do this with your notebook and Cloud Drive? Installing Plex on your notebook with a clouddrive connected would basically give you the same thing, no? At leas
  7. Hi Christopher, ok. I hope we active betatesters with lots of crash experience at least get a free license after the beta period ended So, I am uploading the memory dump and the service logs with boot time logging here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fhsol488hg4ot2v/AAD-IY0ernZaV_J7Yl79mP5Pa?dl=0 Usually my internet connection at home is pretty stable, not sure why I cannot upload with your dropbox uploader. It always breaks up at exactly 4-5% but uploaded fine to my dropbox Oh and yes, it is MB, not GB of course. I wish I had that much RAM Not sure, thats worth mentioning bt
  8. Ok, problem is NOT solved. Just got a crash again with the 721 beta version. And again, it happened while I had no or unstable internet access during bootup. I think THIS is the key to the problem, not the removable drive thing you mentioned, which was not even removable in my case. I am uploading the new crash dump while I am writing this. I had an short internet outage at home, meaning the wifi connection was still on but there was no internet connection. After I saw this, I took my chance and rebooted the notebook where Clouddrive was running and uploading data. Right after the lock
  9. Hi Christopher, no, the drive does not show up in the "safely remove hardware" option. It is not removable So I doubt this was the cause of the problem. Maybe it is something else, for instance the fact that the drive is bitlocker protected or not the system disk. Anyway, I will test the new build, even though I am back home now for a few weeks, where I have stable wifi and the problem seemed to be related to unstable/not available internet connection upon restart.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Havent had any time to check the forum lately. No, the cache drive was NOT on a removable drive. It was on a second SSD in my notebook (I added a second SSD drive) but it is a fixed M2 style drive, not removable.
  11. I have to say I have deactivated CloudDrive on my notebook by now. The crashes have intensified lately and combined with the reuploading of the same data, I the whole cloud drive is pretty useless for me anyway ...
  12. Hi again, ok, the new version unfortunately didnt help. Plus I did as you instructed and disabled the services. I then tried three shut downs and no more crash appeared. I then enabled the services again and upon the first reboot another crash. However this time not on the lockscreen but only once I started the Cloud Drive UI. So I guess, that kinda proves the case. I am uploading the dump file now. Oh an btw ... why does CD always have to upload the same 10 GB of data after each crash? Shouldnt it delete files from the "To Upload" queue once they are verified on the cloud drive? Why
  13. Hi! I was using the 687 Beta. I will update to the version you mentioned and report back
  14. Ok, thanks for the info. I hope I will never need it though
  15. Yeah, maybe. However, so far my experience with the CloudDrive and its cache hasnt been so great on the road. It is fine at home when I have fast wifi and access to the cloud drive is swift. However, on the road, with various slow wifi providers in hotels etc my experience over the last few days were actually quite bad. I dont have any influence on what is cached. Even if I go to each directory and start a few video files, CD will only cache the first few minutes of the video apparently. Even if it cached the whole video, its just a drag to go to each directory I might need on the roa
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