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  1. I have a 300/40 Mbps connection. For my main CloudDrive, that I store my active projects (Video, Photo) on, I have the following settings. These may not be optimal, because Google Drive limits the number of concurrent connections to 20, but this configuration can max out even a 1Gbps uplink. The prefetch trigger is something that you really need to set yourself. I work with large files and benefit greatly from prefetching, but your data might not.
  2. I currently use Google Drive as my provider and they provide 30 days of revisions with the option to increase that. In the event of an incident I would just call them up and request a rollback to X hours/days ago. For backups you can look into Duplicati, Duplicity or Veeam Endpoint Backup and many other solutions. I currently use the Veeam offering and am very satisfied by the incremental backups. I also use windows file history, to another CloudDrive, but that is for protection against my own stupidity. Keeping backups in the way you described becomes mighty space hungry if you store
  3. For most of the time I have a solid (300/40) internet connection. But when I'm on the road or somewhere with a metered connection, I don't want the syncing to chew up all of my data cap. Is it possible to add a switch that limits syncing to the utmost essentials? Cache size is not an issue (1TB drive + SSD in laptop). I have tried limiting the speed to 1Mbit but that just ends up throwing errors and warnings. I undertand that it needs an internet connection to mount the drive and that is not a problem. I also know that without syncing only cached data will be accessible. Here comes the sec
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