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Another day, another problem :-( "Starting Service" - never starts!


Welp, after solving the last issue with limiting upload speed to stop WHS freezing, today I notice that the CloudDrive program just says "Starting Service (5 hours)".


Things I've tried:


Rebooting the server *which runs WHS 2011, all up to date

Reinstalling CloudDrive

Repairing CloudDrive

Stopping the service manually and restarting it


Nothing I do is getting the program to see the service...which is running btw. I have the latest CloudDrive Beta version.


I was two days through (what looked like) a four day backup of stuff, all going well till this :-(


Any ideas

Thanks guys

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Just a little update. Looking at the services that are running, it looks like Clouddrive needs Clouddrive.Service.exe but there is also a Clouddrive.Service.Native.exe *32. This is the one that, when stopped, allows CloudDrive to start up and perform a recovery. But after a few minutes into recovery that Native *32 service starts up again although everything seems to be working ok. Every time the Server reboots this causes the same problems as described above.


I did install the x64 version of ClouDDrive so not sure if that's an error or not?

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