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Increasing drive size & pie chart question



Is there any way to increase the size of the cloud drive? I'm happy with my testing and want to start using the software in earnest, and thought it would be easier to just increase the 100gb test drive I'd created.


Also, can someone explain the pie chart figures to me?




Where is the "Local: 1,024MB" coming from? I have 90GB of data on my local drive.


Also explain pinned please?

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You have 105 MB pinned + 919 MB cached = 1024 MB. 


Pinned data is data about folders etc. to make your browsing better. Cached data is partial data located on your drive to help speed up load times - this value can be changed at any point to none or a lot more.


Left pie chart shows data on your drive and what parts is what. Mostly this chart will be dominated by "to upload" when you have copied data to your drive.


Right side shows how much if your data is located locally vs in the cloud.


You can resize your drive in the drive options located under the left pie chart.

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