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External Hard Drive USB3 SMART Data Problems


Afternoon From the UK,


I have both Scanner and drivepool on my Server 2012R2 install with the essentials role working but I have a strange quirk I would like to ask about. I have for most part always used an generic external usb2 hard drive caddy that I can pop a spare hard drive in to and use it for the server back of the OS etc, my problems started when I though I would try and get a new usb3 caddy to use.

I have tried over 5 different usb3 caddys now and not one of them will pass the smart data over from the disk/caddy to scanner.And it seems to be a usb3 problem due to the same disks fully pass over smart data in the old usb2 caddy and also of those usb3 caddys that has a esata connection it would pass over the smart data via the esata.


1. any ideas if this something specific to my setup or is usb3 a problem for smart data?

2. does anyone have a link to a working single drive usb3 3.5in caddy that is known to work fully with smart?

3. I would also like to use a 2 or 4 bay external usb3 caddy, but I want each of those disks to report back smart data to scanner,does anyone have one of these working?



sorry please move to scanner section posted by mistake in here.
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Sorry for the delay in responding here (medical issues). 


Most likely, this is because of the USB bridge chipset being used. It's not passing on SMART data properly. 


What USB dock/caddy/enclosure are you using?


And could you try this:



See if any method will light up the "SMART Attributes".

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