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How to Contribute Test Data


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I've started putting up disk and controller test data in this forum, as it relates to the StableBit Scanner's ability to gather SMART and Identify data using various disk controllers.


Direct I/O Test


"Direct I/O" is a set of technologies that the StableBit Scanner uses to read data directly from the disk. I collect my test results using an internal Direct I/O testing tool.




You can get the latest version here: Download


The tool will probe your disk and controller for various forms of data that the StableBit Scanner uses and will display either a green check mark or a red X to indicate whether the probe was successful. At the bottom, it will list the probing "methods" that were successfully used to probe the controller / disk.


If you're interested in contributing your test data to this forum, then just run the tool and select a disk that is connected to the controller that you want to probe.


Make sure that your computer is not doing anything else while probing. There is a small chance that the probing process will crash your system.

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Alex, isn't this unnecessary if we are already uploading to bitflock ? 

I realize that that the post is really old... but at the same time, it is pinned :)




No.  Because BitFlock uses the same "autodetection" that StableBit Scanner does.  This tool allows you to manually select methods, to see if they work properly.  And it dumps the raw data from the drive, rather that presenting it in a formatted way. 

And it shows the hardware ID of the attached device.


So for weird/unusual controllers, this can be very useful for fixing problems (on our end). 

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