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  1. to add: im am using v: I have just used the direct test I/O software listed on here and find if I select the "unsafe direct I/O" option I get the smart data status to go green. if I do not use that option it will not go green.
  2. Afternoon From the UK, I have both Scanner and drivepool on my Server 2012R2 install with the essentials role working but I have a strange quirk I would like to ask about. I have for most part always used an generic external usb2 hard drive caddy that I can pop a spare hard drive in to and use it for the server back of the OS etc, my problems started when I though I would try and get a new usb3 caddy to use. I have tried over 5 different usb3 caddys now and not one of them will pass the smart data over from the disk/caddy to scanner.And it seems to be a usb3 problem due to the same disks
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