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DrivePoolUI Hang


Has anyone else experienced the UI hanging? (


I recently switched to DrivePool, While importing all of the data from each disk into the pool, I turned off balancing to stop it from shifting stuff between disks until I was done. Once all the data on the disks was on the pool, I kicked off a manual balance, the next morning I found the UI hung. according the the image the balancing looked as though is was complete, but I couldn't interact with the software at all.


Killed the process, and relaunched - the process starts, but nothing comes up on the screen. Tried a service restart - no change. Reboot - UI was working normally again.

No other problems (aside from the srv2.sys BSODs) for the next few days, until I went ot remove a disk that was shown with a SMART warning. Removal ran overnight, and in the morning - the UI had hung again, the same symptoms as before. Haven't rebooted yet - so I can't access the UI, but I can confirm it completed the removal of the disk from the pool.


In both of these cases it was a long running, intensive process that was the last action I took before it hung. I'm fairly certain (but not 100%) that I'd left the UI open for an extended period _without_ running any task, and hadn't experienced a hang.


Performance Tab was not expanded at the time of the hang.

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It's originally meant for the dashboard (WHS2011, DrivePool v1.x), but it should apply here as well:




But yeah, a few people have complained about issues with the UI recently. The dump there will help Alex pinpoint the potential causes so he can fix them.

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I'm getting the same problem with 2.X build 420 on windows 8.1 machine.  Have filed a ticket but certainly seems to be related to when balancing occurs at the same time as copying large amounts of data at the same time into the pool.  Rebooting the PC does not resolve the freeze and I have to do clean reinstall each time.  This really needs a fix soon.

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