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  1. Playing around with the 'Work Folders' feature of 2012r2 and I've run up against a wall. Works fine if I put the server path for the sync share on an actual drive (VHD, or Physical) however when I specify the target as being on the pool drive - it lets me configure it, and from the client it successfully creates the user folder on the server, but then gives the error: 'Sync Stopped. A problem occurred' 'Incorrect function (0x80070001)' I was on v.420 so I updated to the latest beta (v.528) in the hopes that it might be related to 'Issue #51' * [D] [issue #51] WSS storage service wo
  2. akshoslaa

    Beta 320 BSOD

    Hi all, Had a bluescreen yesterday morning. Everything came back without an issue - and has been fine since - but looking into the cause, seems covefs.sys tripped over. windbg on the minidump yeilds: covefs+301a - KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE (139) A kernel component has corrupted a critical data structure. memory.dmp uploading now - it's automatic, not kernel though - so not sure if it'll do you any good. BSOD occured at 6:45 AM, no one was accessing the server at the time. Balancing kicks off at 2am, and backups at 8am.
  3. akshoslaa

    DrivePoolUI Hang

    Has anyone else experienced the UI hanging? ( I recently switched to DrivePool, While importing all of the data from each disk into the pool, I turned off balancing to stop it from shifting stuff between disks until I was done. Once all the data on the disks was on the pool, I kicked off a manual balance, the next morning I found the UI hung. according the the image the balancing looked as though is was complete, but I couldn't interact with the software at all. Killed the process, and relaunched - the process starts, but nothing comes up on the screen. Tried a service restar
  4. Weighing in: I switched to DrivePool about a week ago, from DriveBender - which was experiencing BSODs with exactly the same symptoms - only the driver that was falling down was vhyperdrive4.sys (one of their files). Their software bloat had been irritating me a lot of late, so I was happy enough to blame them, and switch - but when the BSODs continued with the new software I started looking more closely. They seem to occur more frequently while performing a lot of IO across the network, which would certainly fit with your finding above. (Also, as above - I have DP installed on a Hyper
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