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Scanner reported bad filesystem

Pål Andreassen


Got an email alert from SB Scanner about one of my disks having a corrupt filesystem and needing to run a repair.


First I remoted into the server (WHS 2011) and ran a basic chkdsk on the drive. It found nothing wrong. Then I opened the dashboard and saw that scanner was still reporting the drive as unhealthy. I used the "repair" button in scanner and after running a while it said the drive had been fixed.


Is there any log of any sorts of what scanner did? I´d like to know what kind of errors had occurred and keep an eye on things.

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The problem was probably corrected by chkdsk before the Scanner could get to it. The problem here is that if the Scanner detects damage, and then you (or some other app) runs chkdsk to repair the problem, the Scanner is not notified.


This is something that I'm working on improving, although I'm not sure how it can be fixed.


In any case, there is no harm in what you did. The Scanner simply ran chkdsk and chkdsk told it that all is ok.


As far as chkdsk logs, no, the Scanner doesn't keep a log of that anywhere. But this is not a bad idea. I've added this to the todo list and it will be implemented in the future.

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