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Temperature algorithm change?


I see other people with the same problem I have: A drive (older WD external USB drive in my case) returns a SMART value for the temperature but Scanner misinterprets it and shows a higher or lower than actual temperature. The usual recommendation is to adjust the threshold or maximum value so as not to cause an error message.


I'm wondering if it might be possible to change Scanner to add a setting to adjust the algorithm that is used. In my case, Scanner is using (150 - SMART value) to compute the temperature in degrees C. What I'd like to be able to do is specify a number other than 150 - in my case, I expect it will be around 144 but I want to take some more external measurements over a range of temperatures to nail it down.  This way the actual temperature will get displayed and used by Scanner.

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Actually, in most cases, StableBit Scanner should be picking up the "correct" temperature.  The "interpretation" for the SMART data should actually handle this already, and does so in a large number of models already. 


If you're seeing the wrong data, it may be an issue with how the drive is reporting the data in general, and not how it's being interpreted. 

Make sure you're on the public beta build (, as this should fix most of this. 

Otherwise, the internal beta builds may include more specific fixes. 


Additionally, in some cases errors are generated based on the manufacturer set max temp and the threshold set in the "Heat" setting for StableBit Scanner.  This can be reduced globally, or you can override the max temp in the Disk Settings of the specific disk. 


Otherwise, open up the SMART details for the disk, check the "Submit to Bitflock" option and wait til it generates an 8 digit ID. 

Send the ID to me and we'll take a look at it.

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