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Drive not mounting since power loss


Hi all,


Hope you can help, I'm using the latest beta (581) with an encrypted ACD drive (passphrase).


Ever since a power loss yesterday the drive has done it's re-scan of the cache but it fails to mount, even through reboots etc.


Making a new drive mounts fine.


What do?


I've seen some other similar problems where people detached and re-atached the drive to fix. Unfortunately I have 1.25TB pending upload so I can't do this currently and going down this road would take weeks before I would be able to access the drive again.


Anyone with any suggestions?



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It shows up in disk management, but as an unknown disk and windows wants to initialise it.


That would be the issue here, and that would be pretty bad, actually. 


I've created an issue for this and have flagged it as critical for Alex.



But could you do this: 


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Andy, I've sent you a PM about this, but basically don't touch the disk.


That said, if you could get the files from the system, specifically the contents of "C:\ProgramData\StableBit CloudDrive" and upload them, it would be very helpful.


Also, you mentioned that you're using Amazon Cloud Drive, and that it's encrypted. Do you know what version you created the drive on?  And if you made any other changes aside from the encryption (such as changed advanced cache settings)? 

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