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missing disk warning... help...


Ok so I am getting a missing disk warning. How do I tell what it is or where? I think I removed a disk a while ago and have been getting this warning. I dont know how to get rid of it.


I just removed 2 3 disks (one at a time) and formatted them and made a new pool) copying all files to them and once done want to delete my old pool. I created this one as a temp pool. will that get rid of the error?


not sure if it matters but I was going to get these other 2 drives empty and make sure all files are backed up then format. Create a new pool, move all files on temp pool over to the new pool then remove/format and add these drives back. Does it matter on using a temp pool and moving stuff temporarily? I dont know so....


1. will getting the old pool emptied and deleted get rid of the error?

2. is there any benefit to getting the old pool moved to a temp then delete original and recrreat it then move back? maybe just more work with no outcome as I dont know...





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The missing disk warning may be a bug. There was an issue with how this was handled in the release version, which is what you appear to be using. 


Basically, it's not parsing the metadata correctly, and still assumes that the pool is attached. 


Either way, could you get the logs from the system?


(just steps #7-9) 

And grab a memory dump of the service?




After doing that, you can resetting the settings, and this should clear up the problem. 


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done. files uploaded.


go figure I should of posted before removing drives from the pool. Created way more work for myself.

so now going to make sure reset got rid of the error and if not not big deal will still get my drives added back into the pool.


also i have check for updates checked but im still on 2.1 as it hasnt upgraded...

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